How to get Windows 10 cheap

How to get Windows 10 cheap (or even for free!)

How to get Windows 10 cheap

In my case i just built a PC at home and I spent all of my money on a really nice graphics card and I don’t have any money left over for a Windows 10 license is there any way yeah is there any way.

I can find one for cheap or cheaper, I would say there’s like three different ways you could do it the first one is probably the easiest one and the one that generates the least controversy in our office which is to just go out and buy an OEM license,I’ve actually done that before the problem I have is that it’s tied to a single computer ,weird licensing stuff why is it

So weird like that well that’s what you can exchange for a discount so typically a retail license will cost you what like a $139 for Windows 10 home and then $200 for Windows 10 Pro that’s it feel like you walked into Best Buy or you went directly to Microsoft and bought it.

How to get Windows 10 cheap (or even for free!)

So OME license is that an exchange for slightly higher restrictions on what you can do with the software then you get a bit of a discount like all the features are the same right but it’s just that you only can install it on, that one PC whereas the retail version where you pay more is that you know if you wanted to transfer the license to a new PC down the road you can do that and there’s no hassle involved with that basically the way that the activation servers recognize your system is that it’s like a unique key they generate based on like certain components in your system and the motherboard is one of them so if your motherboard bites it and you have to replace it that’s why often times the server’s won’t recognize your PC anymore but if you were to replace like an SSD or like you know your it should be the power supply should be okay still you know GPU that kind of thing okay then it should be no problem at that point so you’re you’re pretty much fine until you get a new motherboard then right and in the past Microsoft’s been fair a lenient about that where you can call in and then you they kind of allow you to reactivate if you like kind of with that process but it’s still hassle standard borrowing a license is usually 110 for home and then 150 for Windows 10 Pro so I mean you’re saving between what like twenty to fifty dollars which is not a huge amount of savings in exchange for a little of a hassle but it’s really hard to get a Windows 10 discount yeah people why people just go this route well do they ever go on sale could you get a free even cheaper yes sometimes Newegg will actually have a discount


So the most predictable time of year to do it would be Black Friday but you’re a little early from that if you’re willing to wait you could get it for I think last year was $85 for the Home version and 120 for the program, that’s not bad yeah that’s a decent discount at that point okay but you have a bit of a wait to go so maybe one of the other two options might work if that’s not enough savings for you cuz I don’t know how much money you yeah also 85 that seems a little steep you know so I’m gonna listen to the options to like make a decision what’s number two number two is far more complex.

Here’s the thing this is actually a strategy I can only recommend for US residents I don’t know what it’s like in other countries,but basically you’re looking for an education discount,if you’re an adult then you’re no longer you know in college whatever you can actually sign up for courses at a community college about half of the colleges I looked at offered some kind of version of Windows 10


The way works is that you have to be a student and active students or a student current standing whatever the official term for it is and the way you can do that is basically by sign up for a one unit class and order one unit class,there are so them are like physical education so like yeah we swim class or a bootcamp class or a dance class if you wanted to learn ballroom dance or something but there’s occasionally stuff like intro to drawing or like intro to HTML CSS video production which I’ll take so you can do it through that like a 1 unit class which in California which is one the cheapest States is like 76 dollars for that class including the administrative fees uh-huh so California offers Windows 10 education which is kind of like Windows 10 Pro but better because it’s actually closer to the enterprise version of Windows

You get a bunch of those features and it’s a free license just is that it’s not totally free because you have to pay for the classes except that makes it.

You’ll cost you out-of-pocket $76 but in the end what you’re getting is the Windows 10 license and you’re also getting that class which is a pretty good deal if you were thinking about taking classes.

It’s kind of like an added bonus are there other bonuses that maybe you can get while you’re in there I think it depends on the college but for example in San Francisco City College in San Francisco there’s like free office 365 account if your student.

So you get access to you know Microsoft Word Excel access all that stuff PowerPoint and then I think Adobe Creative Cloud the student discount is an option as well so you’re paying like what 20 bucks a month for the entirety of the sweet but you access to all of its great so that’s an option just it’s complicated which is why this might not be for everybody you have to go through different steps you have to sign for a sign up for the college sign up for the class and then you also have to sign up separately at the vendor and then have them verify your student status usually before you can order the software okay and it’s not free at every college I saw some colleges charge like fifteen dollars or so which is still pretty cheap okay but it’s not free so it’s all it’s a lot of homework just to to see upfront if this is cheaper than like an OEM you’re right in order to see if it’s an option for you it doesn’t car some legwork but if you’re if you’re that broke now you may be thing that you wanna spend time and honestly I’ve done the research for you because we both live income yeah it’s good my last question on this do I have to show up to class in order.

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I was that student that loved getting perfect grades when possible so I could never recommend this and I don’t know what every colleges policy is about no-shows cuz they could drop you from the class eventually I don’t know how that works but if you’re okay with a failing grade on your record I suppose you don’t have to show for the class dude for the keys I guess you do for the keys listen this one seems a little complicated for me are you sure there’s not maybe another way something final and cheap there is the final way of doing this which okay a lot of controversy I’m just gonna present it to you oh and you can make your decisions about it as you will so various a website called kinguin kinguin and it’s basically like a Getofficekey in that you have a bunch of third-party sellers on this website that sell their you know software keys okay and among the listings are two for Windows 10 one for the home version and one for the pro version okay and they cost including the basically it’s like buyer protection that you would find on eBay so the insurance with the insurance is 33 dollars for a license um for home window sent home and 35 dollars for Windows 10 Pro and this is an option available to people worldwide this this seems cheap it is very cheap and the reason why it’s so cheap, it’s because I think these are what you would call a gray market type products which is that they’re they’re being sold in a method that was not originally agreed upon between the seller and Microsoft okay which is which is to say I my guess is that these are probably like leftover keys or extra keys from a volume agreement that somebody had and though they’re just kind of selling them on the side and that’s why they’re so cheap and so that’s why there’s such strong opinions about going through this route the people who are in favor of this say like it’s an amazing deal as long as you buy the insurance you’re protected against any bad sellers or invalid keys you know you don’t don’t really worry about taking a loss or you know there’s no real risk involved okay people who are against it say you know like this is not how the keys are meant to be used so there’s that point there’s the point that because they weren’t meant to be used in this way or be sold this way you could find that your activation status suddenly goes offline at some point and because these are all OEM licenses that you’re buying then there’s the same caveats that we were talking about earlier and the tides are one machine is tied to one machine and then if like your motherboard bites it you have to go through all that hassle and then there’s a potentially the extra sticky layer because you bought it through somebody else and not directly from an authorized retailer that kind of stuff.


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