GETKEY ICT is new B2B pioneer in Software Business

Since the European Court of Justice decision legalizing software license resale ( Case C-128/11 – UsedSoft), a huge secondary market worth billions of euros for software reuse has arisen in Europe, providing ample opportunities for self-financing for new European companies of any size.

GETKEY ICT is starting to be a true leader in the secondary software market.

The first licensing quote system to provide companies, including some of the largest European accounts, with detailed and regularly updated price classifications.

This information allows these companies to know the true value of their application portfolio, whether it is to revalue their intangible fixed assets and equity or from a resale or buy perspective.

To help companies save on software purchase, GETKEY ICT is the B2B platform for this market.

This new market is growing rapidly, dealing with more and more European countries (France, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain), and an increasing more products (Microsoft, …).

GetKey ICT Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be recognized as a Supplier of Quality I.T. Solutions and as the leading organisation in the industry. In pursuing this mission we will deliver:

  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • A stimulating environment to our staff
  • Superior returns to our shareholders
  • Quality Products. Quality Service. Everytime.